Not only do we export the taste of Japan to the world, in return we import from abroad these selected items.

Deliciousness lasts even after you sit it for a while!


Pasta imported directly from Italy and made from high quality drum wheat from the southern regions of Apulia & Basilicata. With this product, you can enjoy the genuine "al dente" and recognize the difference from other pasta manufactured in Japan. Another unique characteristigc of this pasta is that, it will maintain its original firmness even after sitting for an extensive period of time from initial preparation.
Please microwave for several minutes in case you keep it in the refrigerator.
We recommend it to everyone, who often over-boil pasta, who is particular about pasta and who enjoys pasta occasionally!

[Household Size]

Capellini 1.1mm /500g Cooking time 3 min.
Thinner pasta, perfect to be served as cold dish or in a soup.

Vermicellini 1.60mm / 500g Cooking time 7 min.
Orthodox pasta that can go with any way of cooking.

[Restaurant Use Size]

Vermicellini 1.60mm / 3kg Cooking time 7 min.
In response to restaurant customer's request, we arranged restaurant use size of 1.60mm pasta that maintains its original firmness after sitting for an extensive period of time from initial preparation.

Penne Rigate / 500g Cooking time 9 min.
Fine color Pasta that contains high protain and gluten and less impurities.
Easily blends and goes great with any sauce!

Whole Peeled Tomatoes / 400g 2.55Kg

Chopped Peeled Tomatoes / 400g 2.55kg
Bright Red Sun-Ripened Tomatoes From The Italian Homeland
Great for making sauces!
Canned Whole Peeled Tomatoes also availablein foodservice size.

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