With our private brand "Marufuji," we introduce selected Japanese food to the world.

Noodles Noodles
Great with any type of soup, especially soy sauce-based soup! Serve hot or cold.
Seaweed Seaweed
An essential ingredient in sushi and other Japanese dishes, our brand uses only 100% Ariake* seaweed.

*Japan's largest producer of seaweed
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Bread Crumbs Bread Crumbs
For really crispy batter, try our high quality bread crumbs.
BBQ Sauce, Sesame Oil BBQ Sauce, Sesame Oil
Unique aroma adds extra flavor to your dishes, just by adding a small amount.
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Sushi Ingredients, etc. Sushi Ingredients, etc.
Inari & Kanpyo are essential in sushi-making. Shaven bonito & mushroom add extra taste to your dishes.
Yam Paste Yam Paste
Regarded as "a food for the health conscious" our konnyaku is made from only the highest quality yam.
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Japanese Tea Japanese Tea
Besides the regular green tea we have: roasted green tea,green tea with toasted rice.
Ice Cream Mix Ice Cream Mix
Enjoy the rich flavor of green tea from the Uji Region of Japan, most famous for its Matcha Tea Powder.
Slmply mix the powdered content with milk or water, place it in the freezer and in just a few hours, you can enjoy a great tasting Green Tea Ice Cream.
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MIso Paste Miso Paste
Add some hot water and vegetables to make a great miso soup.
Sushi Vinegar & Special Sauce Sushi Vinegar & Special Sauce
"Sushisu" is sushi vinegar that allows you to enjoy professional-level sushi rice. "Meshidare" is a sauce specifically produced for rice and its sweet aroma works up your appetite.
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Roasted Sesame Roasted Sesame
Sesame seeds have long been known and loved around the globe as a Health Food. The “Marufuji ESesame Seeds have a deep rich aroma and flavor which comes about with the care and time spent in its heating and roasting process.
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Fish Roes Fish Roes
Tobikko is must-try sushi topping when you have sushi. "Tobikko" is flying fish roes. Carefully-selected raw materials are meticulously seasoned at a domestic processing plant.
This fried tofu called Abura-age, has a variety of cookings such as Inarizushi (sushi wrapped in seasoned abura age), as ingredients of fried or boiled foods, or in miso soup. This is nessesary item in daily dishes in Japan.
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