With our expertise in mind we lead the field of import/export business in Japan and the world.

Yoshikawa corporation have been exporting and importing foodstuff since 1957. For over 60 years, we have been bringing the traditional taste of Japan to many Japanese overseas, and recently, to customers of all nationalities.
While introducing Japanese food world-wide, we also bring the taste of “around the world” to Japan. To meet the demands and the satisfactions of the customers in this fast-paced world market, we provide you with efficient and speedy service.

Location :
88-2 Chome UenomachiNaka-ku Yokohama Japan
Tel. 81-45-623-0021
Fax. 81-45-623-0190
Founded : January 26,1957
Capital : 100,000,000yen (as of Jan. 2007)
President :Susumu Yoshikawa
Corporate principles :
Be open and fair in all corporate activities
while maintaining a “challenge spirit Ein oneself.

Business Activities :

  1. Sales and import-export of general food products, health foods, over-the-counter medicines, daily sundries, etc.
  2. Sales and import-export related to liquors and beverages
  3. Sales and import-export food-and beverage-processing machines, medical equipment, office machines, machine tools, and printing equipment
  4. All activities relating to the preceding three categories

Overseas Corporation :
Paris, France : Societe Kioko

Jan. 1957 :

Established Yoshikawa Corporation on January 26

Mar. 1969 :

Established a specialized export system for the production, processing, packaging, etc. of general food products, sundries, sandals, and other items
Formed the joint-venture “Marufuji Trading Co., Ltd.” In Vancouver, Canada, adopting the trademark of Yoshikawa Corporation, "MARUFUJI" as the corporate name of this Canadian corporation

Aug. 1972 : Formed the joint-venture "Societe Yohikawa de Paris" in Paris, France as a French corporation
May. 1974 : Renamed Societe Yoshikawa de Paris to "Societe Kioko" and changed its status to a wholly-owned French subsidiary of Yoshikawa Corporation
Nov. 1988 : Established "Yoshikawa Trading (Canada) Corporation" in Vancouver, Canada as a Canadian corporation
Jul. 1992 : Joint venture with U.K. Corp., "T.K. Trading"
Mar. 1999 : Established a new office building
Dec. 2007 : Increased capital to 100,000,000 yen
Nov. 2011 : Made a capital participation in “Yamato Trading” in Vancouver, Canada
Jun. 2012 : Dissolved Canadian local subsidiary “Yoshikawa Trading (Canada) corporation”
Aug. 2015 : Eliminated capital tie-up with “T.K. Trading” in London, U.K.
Feb. 2017 : Eliminated capital tie-up with “YAMATO TRADING” in Vancouver, Canada.
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